Saturday, May 9, 2009

I have been here for months but no real blog man its been bad but itz time.

My name Muffakham.Period.

Freinds call me Frank or Freak or Prongs or idiot guy or stupid thats cool till they dont bunk me up in a single toilet down the lane..

Anyway i ll tell u folks abt my intrestrs and things that caught my eye all these years.

My biggest love is football.hey you may say i am a spaniard at heart with my voice and all that.I really love the way they carry themselves-SPANIARDS the European Champions.Boast the best Strikers man Torres Villa Guiza Raul Negredo Granero ...U name 'em they are spaniards.Even midfields is better off being spanish with Xavi and Xabi and Iniesta and Cesc and ofcourse Marcos Senna and others..Defence Spain again with Ramos and et al.Cap it all with "SAN IKER" that guy is worth the money..Madrid owe him

Yeah i am Madrid fan..


Formula 1 and Ferrari can only rival my soccer love yeah you got it right not even girls so dont even think of it.

Bye for now gotta sleep

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Mums name messed up.............

Today my mum's name got messed up..People mistookher for someone on reading her name and got confused.It all got argy bargy.