Monday, November 24, 2008

Crisi at Madrid And My studies.....

The crisis at real madrid seems to effect my studies. I am always worried whether we will lose the next match or not.I expect some good players to come to madrid.Arshavin is reportedly on the radar.Drogba is also there but there are many rumours abound so I dont know what to believe. Lets hope it is resolved soon.Also we need some quality defenders.Maybe we can poach Carvalho from Chelsea.He was reportedly not so pleased at the start of the season at The Bridge.Also we can bring in Elano from City In the winter and strengthen the midfield.Arne Riise from Roma wouldn't be that bad for defence once Cannavaro leaves. Also we need to groom a striker to replace Raul.Somebody Spanish should be groomed up.Only a Spaniard ,I think,Would have the commitment for madrid which raul has.And about "little Ronaldo" landing in madrid( report) lets hope he can fill in for raul and RVN.

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